Human Interaction
Is A Core Business


People matter.

In an increasingly crowded and challenging world, people will reach out for what’s real.

But you can’t fake authenticity.

At Oasis, we work with organisations to uncover and unlock the potential they already have…. their people.

We believe that when people prosper, business prospers.

That’s why we connect people with purpose. Our refreshing approach comes from a rich body of knowledge to spark transformational change in people. In real terms, this means that we take a whole person approach, connecting deep human values with practical business outcomes.



Organisations are fundamentally human.

The success of your organisation rises and falls with the quality of your human interactions.

Managing human interaction is a core business process to any successful business or organisation. Talk to Oasis about how to develop your people and culture today.


who we are

Oasis is well resourced with people that bring an array of specialised skills. We will provide a great match between our people and your organisation’s needs.



Clint is a Learning and Development specialist and Human Resource Consultant with over 16 years experience helping on the front line with people management and leadership issues. His background includes managing a range of state and national HR programs within government, community and commercial sectors in organisations with strong service-oriented cultures. 

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"In a challenging business environment, Clint's facilitation has helped us immeasurably to strategise and meet our objectives." - Michael Arnold GM, Scotford and Fennessy Executive Search



Stuart comes from a pastoral ministry background. Over 20 years ago he found himself with a desire to reach a broader range of people, and, using his ministry skills as a base, started working with clients in the business arena.  Stuart specializes in bringing insights into the breakdowns which undermine high performance, whilst providing practical tools to move forward.

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"Rather than teaching techniques Oasis unlocked our potential by enabling our people to use language and conversations to create the business we wanted." - Doug Fitch CEO, Agworld