Mastering Moods for Better Performance

4th Aug 2017
7:15am for a 7:30am start
$20 per person (plus GST)

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How do you feel right now? Happy, sad, anxious, flat, angry?

Every day, we experience a variety of emotions, but neuro-science suggests that we’re actually unaware of a lot of them as they happen. Research is building a convincing argument that highlights a dramatic link between how well we master our moods and emotions, and the success we experience at work.

We invite you to explore more about this topic and the difference it could make to your workplace and personal effectiveness. This investment of your time could positively impact your communication with others, the effectiveness of your decision-making, as well as your ability to take action, think innovatively and perform physically.

Our Breakfast Series are designed to provide a high-impact, low-time commitment opportunity for you to:

  • connect with other like-minded professionals
  • hear relevant experiences from interesting people
  • provide you with new awareness in key topics to help develop you, your teams and your organisations

This month, former professional basketball player Mike Ellis will be discussing:

  • self and life, professional sport, and how his own moods affected team performance
  • how he manages and controls emotions when things don’t go well, and the implications when he manages emotions poorly
  • the impact of positive emotions and moods on others
  • as a player, how his mood affected his performance on the court
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Come along for your chance to win a fitness membership, bottle of wine, or catered box seat at an SBL home game!

For more information, please contact:

Oasis People and Culture — 0411 798 696 | info@oasispc.com.au

Warwick Stadium — 9247 2266

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