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Oasis Business Breakfast



Thursday 30th November 2017
7.00am for 7.15am start

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30th Nov 2017  |  7:00am for a 7:15am start  |  $20 per person (plus GST)

We seem to be perpetually under pressure.  More things to do than time available to do it in.

Research indicates that up to a point, pressure and stress actually helps us achieve results.  Beyond that point...well, anything can happen! And it often does.  In workplaces, that sometimes means blood gets spilt, fuses get lit, the gloves come off or, in plain and simple terms - relationships get damaged and work doesn't get done the way it is intended.

This is an Everyday Leader flavoured Business Breakfasts where you will hear from everyday people and their stories about Performing under Pressure.

Our Breakfast Series are designed to provide a high-impact, low-time commitment opportunity for you to:

  • connect with other like-minded professionals
  • hear relevant experiences from interesting people
  • provide you with new awareness in key topics to help develop you, your teams and your organisations

Come along for your chance to win a fitness membership or a bottle of wine.