LeaderNET 2017

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LeaderNET 2017


A Network of leaders prompted in their leadership growth and development through unique mix of professional community, resources, group facilitation and coaching.

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The LeaderNET participants may have experienced formal competency and qualification based learning in the past but now want to connect and ground their learning more deeply into their leadership practice.

Our intention is for this leadership programme to have a different feel and different outcome. Whilst LeaderNET will give you more knowledge of leadership, its primary goal is to transform you into a richer, wiser and more influential leader. In other words, our desire is that you are changed by engaging in this programme.

We live in times of great change. Some refer to these times as VUCA - Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Thisbeing the case a new breed of leader is needed. A breed of leader that understands that awareness of who we are and how we show up is the most crucial part of leadership.

Because leadership is about influencing others, the heart of this programme is based around human interaction. Learning to collaborate, take the perspectives of others and apply wisdom to different contexts is a fundamental characteristic of 21st Century leaders.

LeaderNET itself occurs in a dynamic workshop context guided by the facilitators but driven by the needs of the group producing a robust exchange of ideas which will challenge and transform the serious learner.

• 9 monthly ½ day group learning sessions based around topical leadership issues
• 8 monthly individual coaching (alternate fortnight)
• Action learning and practical reflection
• Quality Psychometric tools
• Catalyst audio, video and written materials

• Strengthen the foundation of your leadership
• Grow your capability to influence positively and tap into the potential and leadership talent of those around you
• Develop lasting and beneficial network of relationships with likeminded leaders
• Deepen your self-awareness
• Expand your leadership toolkit for current and future opportunities.