Executive and Business Coaching

Coaching delivers personal engagement and responsibility where participants do the work which produces insight, awareness, goal identification and success pathways.  It enables participants to take responsibility for their own long-term transformation and development in both personal and professional spheres. 

Learning and Development Workshops and Seminars

Workshops deliver key group learning, consistent message and larger bang for buck to impact teams.  Workshops are delivered by our highly experienced facilitators to ensure high level of group participation, engagement and variety in learning styles to deliver improvement against specific outcomes.  They can be run in-house with your team exclusively or visit our Upcoming Events area to see what public workshops are scheduled.

Leadership Development

Leadership maybe the single greatest influence in an organisation to improve individual contribution, performance and organisational success. We work with frontline supervisors through to CEOs to build capability in their leadership skills. We do this through a carefully planned selection of methods and resources including coaching, facilitated group learning and assessment tools.  Whether it's working with just one leader or your leadership team, we can help grow your leadership edge.


Our people have expertise and can provide valuable contribution to help guide and shape your organisation's culture and people performance.  We can provide strategic support and direction for your Human Resources efforts or policy and system design input to ensure your people processes are best practice.

Assessment Tools

Our assessment tools can be used as part of diagnosing specific development and cultural gaps or can be used independently to provide feedback to you and your people about areas for growth and development.  Assessment tools include 360 tools, culture and trust surveys, DISC reports, Enneagram motivational assessment and Emotional Intelligence feedback.  Find out more information about our range of personal and organisational assessment tools.

Employee Assistance Program and Conflict Mediation

Oasis Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides no-fuss personal counselling support to help you care for the emotional and well-being needs of your people.  With pressures at work and in personal life impacting all of us, this service enables your people to show up to work with capacity to contribute their best performance.  Critical Incident support is also available for your people when unforeseen negative events have emotional impact your people.  Visit our Employee Assistance page for more information about our EAP packages.  Our Conflict Mediation provides trained mediators who can functions as an unbiased facilitator to help you navigate resolution and peace from the tricky waters of conflict and relationship stress.