On Rebuilding - with Cameron Bancroft

We recently had Cameron Bancroft as a guest presenter at one of our business breakfasts. Cameron was involved in the Ball Tampering Scandal in early 2018 during the Australian Cricket Test against South Africa. We were nervous about introducing Cameron to our business network (What might he say?). We were so pleased with insights that Cameron shared about his experience of rebuilding his own life after the incident.


With such a wide spectrum of guests ranging from teenagers through to business leaders we were thrilled that there was something for everyone to learn from.

A few gems from the Cameron summarise our key take-aways:

  1. The importance of deeply understanding our authentic self and asking why we act and behave in the ways that we do.

  2. The value of support from those that are important to you

  3. Learning to love ourselves beyond the badge, uniform, role or image that often defines us - Take the time to peel back the layers and discover who’s there when you take away these other elements.

  4. Let go - stopping over-exerting.

  5. The stories we create for ourselves affect the way we interpret and understand the world around us.

  6. How are we allowing our jobs and careers to teach us about who we really are?

  7. Be patient - development takes time (like a lifetime!)