After several years of operating independently, Clint and Stuart founded Oasis People and Culture to harness the synergy that comes when you bring the gifts and talents of a team together.  

Their different learning and professional experiences have brought together a dynamic focus on human interaction and people systems to form the basis of the Oasis business offering. 

Our Team

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Stuart Wesley (Director)

Stuart combines a background in pastoral ministry with organisational learning and development, working with a range of businesses, not for profits and individuals. He specialises in bringing insights into the breakdowns which undermine high performance, whilst providing practical tools to move forward.

Stuart’s ability to quickly build rapport and trust, positions him as well suited to working alongside business owners, CEOs, senior managers and key staff. He can deliver an array of approaches such as one on one coaching, workshops, consulting and a full range of keynote presentations all designed to enhance human interaction which he has come to realise is a core business process.

Stuart has been married to Carolyn for over 25 years. Together, they have three adult children and one teenager. Stuart and Carolyn have, in recent years, also enjoyed welcoming grand children to the clan.


Clint Vawser (Director)

Clint is a Learning and Development specialist and Human Resource Consultant with over 16 years experience helping on the front line with people management and leadership issues. His background includes managing a range of state and national HR programs within government, community and commercial sectors in organisations with strong service-oriented cultures.

Clint has a proven record providing people development services across a range of behavioural, people management and leadership topics. With a passion for seeing people move toward their potential in the workplace, he has been effective in engaging learners, achieving tangible results and strengthening businesses. He continues to be an active student of organisational behaviour.

Clint was born in WA, although he studied and worked in Canada for some time. He is married to Sue and they have two children. Clint enjoys running marathon events and hiking.


Carolyn Wesley (Clinical Mental Health Counselor)

An experienced counsellor, Carolyn Wesley works with people of all ages and walks of life - from children to mature adults - across Western Australia. Conducting sessions in person, over the phone, and via Skype, Carolyn works at the clinical level helping people navigate their relationships, depression, anxiety, stress and life transitions.

Carolyn lives in Perth, Western Australia with Stuart, her husband of nearly 30 years. She has three adult children, a son and daughter in law, a teenage son and three grandchildren. Her family continues to ground her and gives her an empathy for the various stresses and struggles people face in everyday life.


Travis Fitch (Senior Consultant)

Travis brings over 20 years experience in community services, organisational management and social entrepreneurship. He has been the WA State Manager for national charity GIVIT and was the CEO of the children’s charity, 12 Buckets - an organisation he founded in 2010.

The difference Travis wants to make in the world is being part of helping organisations and people flourish. A specialist in conflict resolution and helping people navigate the terrain of difficult conversations, Travis can harmonise creative possibilities with an organisation’s strategic objectives and while making space for its diverse personalities.

Travis is grateful to be the husband of Emily and father of Boston, Tahlia and Banjo. He is an aspiring long-distance runner who also passes time as a musician and foodie - just don’t ask his wife about that rabbit stew.


Sally Porter (Consultant)

Sally brings a blend of frontline work experience across a range of organisations and levels, with a passion for the improvement of the experiences of others both professionally and personally.

Sally spent over 15 years forging a career in the traditionally male-dominated agricultural and software/tech industries and the opportunities and challenges in navigating these.

She has an interest and passion in empowering emerging and experienced women in ‘leadership’ roles – those with and without titles. She believes that armed with a different way of observing and interacting with others, many of her previous work relationships and outcomes could have been very different. She wants to share these learnings with others.

Sally has a young daughter who she loves spending her days with interspersed with lots of coffee, running, yoga, reading and working with Oasis PC for mental balance.


Phil Timms (Consultant)

Phil initially worked as a teacher and coach in Physical Education, Science and Music. For the past decade he has focussed on pastoral care and staff & leadership development. The experiences in these areas led him to study what is known as Ontological Coaching to find ways to even more effectively assist people in their own growth and development.

Phil provides individual coaching services in the Oasis team bringing a wealth of experience to his engagement with people.

When Phil isn’t studying or working there is often a guitar in his hands or he is spending time with his two delightful girls.


David Thomas (Consultant)

With a passion to see people developed, empowered and released to their potential within professional and personal life, David brings a lifetime of hands on leadership experience in the not for profit sector, in running his own business and in sport. His trade background gives him a down to earth approach. All of this combines to give him a heightened sensitivity to expose the “heart of the matter” and discover a practical, solution based path forward.

David learnt the craft of leadership while on staff at an international ministry training school in California. He has led multi-ethnic project teams into Mexico, South Central LA and San Francisco. After returning to Australia he successfully led a new church in the southern suburbs of Sydney for 10 years.

Through the learning and development associated with navigating significant mid-life challenges, David is now an avid speaker and facilitator in the area of men’s character development. With a grounded and insightful approach he is a sought after leader of men’s retreats and men’s groups.

David’s life and work experiences together with his training in coaching make him an insightful facilitator of personal and organisational change.

Happily married to Tracey, David enjoys Fathering his two sons, along with a game of cricket or golf.