The Numbers are Adding Up (A Case Study)

The ROCG Perth/Insight Group are all about helping their clients make wise financial decisions. They are a West Perth based financial services firm incorporating Tax Accounting, Financial Planning, Business Consulting, Lending , R&D services and other financial services. That financial decision often includes investigating whether it will produce an adequate return on investment.  So when it came to investing in it’s own cultural change and organisational development, ROCG Perth/Insight did not want to waste time and money in efforts that would have little or no long term impact on their business.

That was the problem that Director, Matt Wood described to Oasis People and Culture when we sat down together to understand what he wanted to achieve within the business.

“Success in business is to have a team that is one, and operating a multi-disciplined firm requires extra focus on the one team approach.  We believe that culture amongst our team provides the foundation to provide outstanding service e to clients as well as provide a great work place for our team”

In beginning the work with ROCG Perth/Insight, as is often the case with many organisations we work with, grasping the concept that NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS UNTIL HUMANS INTERACT was our primary concern.  Think about this for a moment…Most dysfunction and failure in organisations can be traced back to the way people engaged and communicated with one another – the way they made or didn’t make clear commitments.  The way expectations and judgements were or were not clarified.  The way promises were not fulfilled.  Our language, our relationships and our interactions are the basic building blocks of organisations as we know them.

It quickly became clear at ROCG Perth/Insight Group that rather than jumping to the opportune and obvious work of developing culture and values, we needed to begin with interaction skills.  Even more critical was the need to do this at the leadership level.  We know that once leaders know how to manage their people interactions effectively, change can occur quickly.  People start to take responsibility. Employees start to engage.  Projects start to move.  Everyone starts getting on the same page with one another.

Once the Foundations of Human Interaction program was complete with the leadership group, the leadership team successfully navigated their most successful 2 day strategic planning retreat where serious (even fierce!) conversations were had, clarity was created and commitments were established for the next 1-3 years.

“Leadership is the cornerstone to any business, and the framework provided through the leadership coaching base placed us in a strong position to have the “adult conversations” amongst the leaders, as well as amongst the teams – we fundamentally believe this will provide the base to now focusing on the team culture.  In hindsight, the focus on leadership and focus on a staggered approach to the culture has and will pay dividends in the future without a doubt!”

We are now on the precipice of undertaking organisation-wide staff engagement to understand, shape and embed fresh perspectives around organisational values and behaviours and a new era of productivity and engagement.  We are excited about the prospect of beginning this piece of work because we are confident in ROCG Perth/Insight Leadership’s growing capability to have effective conversations and build effective trust-based relationships to ultimately drive this work to fulfilment.

How easy and tempting it could have been to provide a Culture and Engagement process with staff, to come up with a few nice words and phrases for the board room, only to be inhibited by a group of leaders out of step with one another, unable to listen to other’s concerns and unable to navigate issues in constructive ways toward resolution and best outcomes for all.

With the help of Oasis People and Culture solutions, instead of heading towards department silos, protectionism, self-interest and staff disengagement, ROCG Perth/Insight Group is moving optimistically towards collaboration, innovation, employer of choice culture and employee contribution…The sort of workplace I’d get up each morning and want to go to!