When Do I Need Coaching?

It was back in 2002 that I first heard of the term ‘coaching’ in something other than a sporting context.  Such was the place I was in personally and professionally at the time that once I had researched what coaching was, I knew I needed it. 

For me, it was a deep-seated frustration and dissatisfaction about how life was unfolding professionally that led me to coaching.  I was stuck (or believed I was stuck) in a situation that I could not see a way out of.  The coaching journey I embarked on was quite life-changing because things that I could not previously see became visible to me and opened up new possibilities. 

People choose to find a coach for a variety of reasons but there is one core thing that usually leads someone to seek out a coach. That core thing is that life, or an aspect of life (professional or personal) is not working the way we believe it should be.

Whether you are looking for a promotion, stuck in a cycle of ineffectiveness, need clarity about an issue or opportunity, are facing a crisis, not sure how to navigate a particular circumstance or, without any particular negative issue, just sense the need to grow and develop then coaching could be a valuable experience for you.

For me, coaching became a way to find the support I needed at different points in life without having to go down the therapy path. I have used coaches in one-off engagements about a particular topic, through to longer-term professional development and I have never failed to walk away from a coaching session without new insight.  

Most importantly, in coaching you find you have an ally, a sounding board, and confidant there to serve you.  Having someone independent to be able to work things through with leaves you feeling that you are not doing it all alone.