Reading a Leadership Team to Success

We have had the privilege of supporting the development of an Executive Team over the past year with some regular learning workshops together.  We chose to read our way through Jim Collin's Good to Great over a number of months.  In preparation for each workshop, the members of the team were tasked with reading a chapter and doing some thinking and reflecting on the chapter's applicability to themselves and their organisation.

Workshops became a forum for reflection on some of the book's insightful principles and together we were able to agree on how key concepts and language might be adopted as we shape organisational culture, leadership and make strategic decisions.

Oasis developed a range of reflection exercises, self and team analysis survey tools and as a team, even came across some ideas that we decided were genuinely unhelpful for the business.

Our take on the process (a first for us), was that it was an extremely valuable method of developing a relationship with the team, helping establish and exercise a growth mindset amongst the leadership team (ie. what can we learn from this, how can this challenge us in new ways etc) and seeing the integration of learning principles into their business in significant and influential ways.

Earlier this month, I delivered the next instalment, Jim's next book - Great By Choice, to each desktop ready to embark on the next 6 months.  The team is pretty excited about what new offerings this text might have in store for them.  We are looking forward to the journey.

If you are interested in exploring this approach with your own leadership team, please make contact so we can share our experience with you.